L. Stella
This is my true statement for Dr. Nakatsui. And it’s a long one! A knowledgeable professional, honourable, kind, with unparalleled work ethic, always positive, not greedy, compassionate and so much more. But before all that he is a wonderful Human Being. And all these genuine qualities that he has as a person, professionally reflect on the team that is his clinic. The receptionists: are always smiling, always trying to solve and accommodate the client's interests, if the phone call goes to voicemail, they call on the same day, time or, the next day. Always professional, kind, friendly, polite and attentive. They are the best front of the clinic. Nurses: they have all the qualities of the reception ladies plus the knowledge, the interaction with the client. I know almost all nurses and I can easily say that they are all extremely professional, kind, polite, helpful they have a deep knowledge of what they will suggest to the client in relation to the cosmetic procedure or any matter. And this is very important: nurses don’t receive a “commission” when the client decides to have a treatment. By the own words of a nurse from Dr. Nakatsui “they have a more holistic approach to beauty“. Because they don’t need to sell nothing. They attitude towards beauty, they approach to us and the results make us to come back again and again. Like me for Redensity (just an example) this procedure change my life. When I said to Dr. Nakatsui he laughed. And I was so surprised in see him genuine laughed about it, I only saw before very stressful or “could care less” doctors. Before I met Dr. Nakatsui I went to doctors who are respected professionals, please don't get me wrong, but I was just another “one” on today's list. The first question was: what is your budget for today? I had no idea what was applied to my face because nothing was explained to me and the name of the procedure was “clinic name” . The receipt did not explain anything and the total price, for the same service as dr. Nakatsui does I paid 60% or way more. I understand that everyone has to earn money in their profession and Dr. Nakatsui is not a charity. But the prices that other doctors charging are extremely abusive. And I've been seeing dermatologist and cosmetic procedures for over 20 years. I know what I'm talking about. Besides, the environment at the other clinics, maybe because the management and the nurses have the pressure to “sell” is very hostile and stressful. Dr. Nakatsui’s clinic is my Tiffany’s like the movies. Is such a calm, serene, playful, nice place to be almost like whimsical. About safe procedure with Covid-19? Don’t worry. When you reach their front door you will think that you are in a sealed place. I never saw a place so safe and protected like Dr. Nakatsui’s clinic. One day I was talking with a nurse about a stupid thing that I did with a pimple close to my lower eyelid. To my surprise Dr. Nakatsui appears to checked on me and he said that was too close to my eye and he can’t fixed the problem. That wasn’t a big deal, so I decided to wait until I talk to my optometrist. Until one day I received a phone call from a eye lid specialist that want to schedule an appointment for me as a referral from Dr. Nakatsui. And I was thinking that Dr. Nakatsui forgot about it. That phone call was amazing! Thank you so much! If you read my review until here this is my resume: Dr. Nakatsui and his team isn’t your just “ sell and go” doctor. They are a team that are capable, knowledgeable, professionals, but genuine concern with every client. Because they care about you and there you matter, not your wallet: YOU. And this is priceless!
Glori Meldrum
Dr Nakatsui and his staff are amazing. They really care about their clients
John Samson
Every employee that works in this clinic are all awesome they giving each customer a great customer service. The nurse gave me a very good advice about the procedure on my upcoming surgery she’s really very knowledgable and professional. Dr. Nakatsui did the final assessment and explained everything about the surgery for my ear which is great, I have an idea now and I feel comfortable. Thanks and keep up the good work guys.
Lori Turner
Thanks for reaching out and addressing my initial concerns. I had the best experience today when I returned to the clinic and I was impressed with the level of service I received. Dr. Nakatsui and his nurse were terrific and I enjoyed learning more about the options that the clinic can provide for future treatment plans. Very informative, well explained and caring.
Helga Lair
My first experience was great. Friendly reception, the wait wasn’t too long. They knew I needed to see someone fairly quick and they did everything they could to get me an appointment sooner than later. When I had questions, they took the time to answer all of them and didn’t make me feel like I was holding them up. I will go back for sure.
Heather Hughes
I have been a patient of Dr. Nakatsui's for well over ten years and have always been very pleased with my treatments, results and leave feeling like I received good value for my money. The staff members are all very welcoming and friendly and efficient, and I trust whatever advice they give me. Some places I have been to in the past have pushed me to consider other services in order to do nothing more than build their business, but no one here ever does that. If you want more information on something, they are happy to provide it but never pressure you to do anything you don't want to do. I plan to be with Dr. Nakatsui for many years to come!
Ben D.
I had some laser surgery done by Dr Groot a few years ago. He has a beautiful office in a beautiful part of town. His waiting room is always full of people. And no wonder. Because Dr Groot does an excellent job. He is friendly, personable and has a great "bed side" manner. He stands by his work, and if there are any problems, he will fix it. A lot of public sector doctors could learn from Dr Groots professionalism and respect he has for the patient. If you are in need of cosmetic surgery I cannot recommend Dr Groot highly enough.