Great Dermatologist!
I know Dr. Nakatsui is a wonderful dermatologist.
Excellent service
Best in care and compassion.
A good physician committed to patient satisfaction.
Had a transplant with Dr. Nakatsui in 2014 and was exceptionally pleased with both the procedure and results. Both Dr. Nakatsui and Kelvin (who was my main point of contact more often than not) were a great help in answering questions and concerns. Procedure was good, professional and as pleasant as you can expect for a whole day surgical procedure (it is a long process). My healing was overall pretty good with only minor bumping and irregularity at the donor site. The recipient site turned out great. Healing process obviously takes some time, but the results have been fantastic. Highly recommended.
Great stuff! Dr. Nakatsui is amazing, very polite paciant and a good listener! Will be back there again soon
Very happy with the results from my latest treatments. Dr. Nakatsui and his nurse explained my options to me in detail, and I decided to receive a combination of Botox, Voluma and HydraFacial treatments. The results have been great and I found Dr. N to be very friendly and personable. I will be back!
I have had moles removed on 2 occasions. First time was a couple of years ago and I cant remember the doctors name, it was a mole on my face and I was worried because it is my face and any error would be seen by everyone. The procedure was good and I felt very comfortable during it. The results were very very good. I am very pleased with the results. Then about a month ago I had Dr. Nakatsui remove 11 moles from my body including one on my nose and one on my head. Once again the entire experience was good. It's not a "fun" thing to have freezing injected and moles cut off and then laser treatment afterwards. But Dr. Nakatsui really makes you feel at ease, and his nurse staff are very cheerful and pleasant too. The entire experience was really positive. The results were really good, especially on my face I was very happy with the outcome.
Although Dr Groot is currently on a leave of absence, the clinic is still being run by his partner and the awesome support staff. I was a patient last August for an unrelated procedure, and decided to try them out a couple weeks ago to take care of some fairly severe veins on and around my nose. After a quick look from the Dr on duty, one of nurses performed a 10 minute procedure with the V-beam laser. It DID hurt quite a bit (sensitive area!), but it was so worth it. I paid in advance for three procedures, as I am guaranteed to need follow-up treatments. So far I am thrilled with the results. The veins were reduced by about 80% right off the bat. There were no marks or bruising left behind, and certainly no ridges or scars. I go back for the second treatment soon, but I'm not sure I will need the third. The nurse was fantastic and reassuring, and very informative. I went in with my eyes wide open, but thankfully I am experiencing the best case scenario. I cannot describe what a relief it is to no longer feel self conscious about my nose, and to no longer feel the need to touch up my makeup whenever I go out. Yay!!
I went to the office today and had a wonderful experience. From the receptionist, nurses and Dr. Groot himself, everyone was pleasant in good spirits and explained everything thouroughly. They took time to let me ask and most importantly answer all of my questions. I had to have one of my kids with me (5 months old) and they were incredibly accommodating, even bringing in someone to hold my son IF he got cranky during the procedure! If your looking for a dermatologist this is the place to go!
I've visited Dr. Nakatsui multiple times and every time the service is top notch. Him and all his staff are super professional from the moment you walk in. Everyone always has a smile on and ready to help. Thanks and Keep up the great work!!
My experience was really good. Dr. Nakatsui is very professional and knows a lot about the different stages of skin care and cosmetic procedures. I really felt like I was getting a custom solution for my skin. Would recommend it!
I had the pleasure of getting my procedure done by Dr. Nakatsui. There was a schedule mix up and not enough time was booked, however, the doctor still did my juvaderm injections. I was extremely happy he accommodated me and the results were even better. I have had my lips done at other clinics and I personally think that Dr. Nakatsui has done the best job. I highly recommend this clinic!